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The New Luxury Food Sweeping Europe

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

Snail Caviar.

Eating snails is nothing new; escargot has long been considered a delicacy, and the same goes for caviar. It's consistently one of the most expensive foods, but have you ever heard of snail caviar?

Currently most popular in Italy, snail caviar has been experiencing a bit of a boom recently.

The delicacy is being served on canapés and beef dishes, among other things. And thanks to a new Sicilian start-up, it finally seems like the supply might be able to keep up with Italian demand.

The process of raising snails to get caviar had been taking up to three years, but this start-up has sped up the cycle of growth by changing what they feed their snails. Instead of leaves, the start-up has been raising their mollusks on cereal. Sort of makes you wonder if we'll at some point see labeling for "leaf-fed"escargot or snail caviar just like we see grass-fed beef.

Now the real question: Have you tried or would you try snail caviar?

This article originally appeared on The Kitchn.


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