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Perle de Blanc, (meaning White Pearls in French), was started in a very unusual way. Having been in the wine industry for 13+ years, I have had the opportunity to visit many different cities, states and countries all over the world, which has led me to experiencing incredible food and lesser known delicacies than available currently in the US. This is where Escargot came into my life.


Escargot has always been a top dish that my family and I enjoy whenever possible. With that said, it is almost impossible to get fresh, live snails in the Southwest region of the US where I am based. Then in 2014, I started noticing snails in my garden, which sparked an interest. So, after a few glasses of champagne and a little help from friends, we strapped on some head lamps and had a snail collecting contest.   


To my surprise and after a lot of research from a very helpful university, not only did I learn that the snails we collected were edible, they are the exact same species eaten in Europe. 


-  Helix pomatia (also known as Roman snail or Burgundy snail) is a snail located throughout much of Europe. 


-  Cornu aspersum (also known as Helix aspersa) is the next most common, which originated in the Mediterranean region.  


*Fun Fact - There are no indigenous land snails to North America


Both species were brought to New Mexico by Spanish settlers in the 19th century where they have flourished. And thus started me on this path with Perle de Blanc! For the past 5 years I have hosted an "Escargot Day" where family and friends would spend the day with us, eat French dishes, drink French wines and of course, finish with fresh, local, organic Escargot.  The event got larger and larger every year and since I could not go to a restaurant and enjoy the dish with the same freshness and quality that I was achieving in my own kitchen, I decided to start my own farm focusing not only on Escargot but Caviar d'escargot which is a well known delicacy in Europe.


White caviar (also known as Caviar d'Escargot, or white pearls) is our flagship product! Not only does it have a wonderful, firm texture with slight salty, earthly tones, we have found that it holds nearly any taste and seasoning. My personal favorite is a little rosemary and sage essence infused in our own "Perle de Blanc Brine" which we sell fully prepared!

- Lori Anne McBride


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