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Caviar d'Escargot is a delicacy not known to many people. The most common conclusion that comes to one’s mind when hearing the word caviar is fish caviar. There are many types of fish caviar and is considered to be a luxurious product. Caviar d'Escargot is regarded as a rare delicacy across Europe due to its beautiful presentation, laborious harvesting process and ability to compliment any dish from savoy to sweet. Finally it has found it's way to the US, seen only in the most highly acclaimed restaurants around the country.  Discover the pleasure of tasting an exceptional and incomparable gastronomic delicacy in Caviar d'escargot. 

Caviar d'escargot is the only white caviar in the world and looks exactly like perfect, round pearls. In comparison to fish caviar, Caviar d'escargot has a wonderful firm, texture and is almost completely tasteless with just a touch of salty, earthly undertones. This means endless flavors can be infused to complement any dish to give it a little something special. Choose from any of our 28 flavors which allow you to create your signature flavor and style.  Of course you can order our caviar in its natural state, made with our signature "Perle de Blanc Brine" which is a completely organic process using  Fleur de Sel de Guerande which is hand harvested from a specific region in France called Le Guerandais-gros, know for producing the highest quality salts in the world.


There are currently only six escargot farmers in the US and none specialize in Caviar d'Escargot.  We also produce organically raised Escargot which go through the most rigorous purging process currently practiced in the US.  


We are proud to be able to offer this unique, luxurious product locally. 


Welcome to Perle de Blanc!  

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